Gemeinhardt Musical Instruments, a leading manufacturer of musical instruments for more than 65 years, has realigned its ownership structure to accommodate current growth and the revived strength in the marketplace. Joining the ownership are Gemeinhardt executive team members David Pirtle as president and CEO, Jennifer Baunoch as executive vice president and COO, and John Goebel as CFO. “ Operationally, this strategic move positions ownership in all key areas of the business,” said Frank and Kang Yang, majority owners of Gemeinhardt and owners of Angel Industries Co., Ltd. “Continued stabilization and cohesiveness for Gemeinhardt are continually at the forefront of our business initiatives. This decision further supports our commitment to the outstanding management team who have taken the company in an exceptional direction efficiently and effectively.” “ I have stated all along that the asset purchase of the company by Kang and Frank is the best thing that has happened to Gemeinhardt in over 30 years,” said Pirtle. “From the very beginning they have been interested in what helps Gemeinhardt and what the customers need.” While stressing the priority of the company’s relationships and partnerships with its customers and artists, he also cited the importance of : providing the dealers with a product line that has a good market demand, acceptance, and is high quality while providing an impressive margin.”Having worked at Gemeinhardt for more than three decades, Pirtle began as a union employee in the factory and worked his way up to plant manager, vice president of operations, and eventually president and CEO. “In my 34 years…I have had the opportunity to work and learn from some of the greats of our industry [including] Roy Seaman, George Koregelos, Emerson DeFord, and Richard Hahn,” he said. “ They understood what we needed to do even if the past investors would not let us. We now have the opportunity to freely take the input of our artists and the knowledge and artistry of our instrument makers, and design the products our customers deserve and need. Now passing this message on from artist, to educator, to parent and student is what we plan to do.” Baunoch studied flute performance at DePaul University in 1994 became a flute tester for a local instrument manufacturer. Subsequent positions as a flute maker, plant supervisor, research and developer, marketing director, led to appointment as executive vice president and COO of Gemeinhardt. 

Goebel’s professional background includes 30 years in finance and controller positions for manufacturing companies of all different sizes. He worked for Gemeinhardt from 2007 to 2009 and rejoined the company in 2013.