Gemeinhardt is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of L.A. Sax. Gemeinhardt Musical Instruments President and CEO David Pirtle commented, “ Gemeinhardt looks forward to bringing the same passion and enthusiasm as we have for our existing products to L.A. Sax. Just as we initiated the resurgence of Gemeinhardt Musical instruments, we plan the same for L.A. Sax.” 

New L.A. Sax instruments possess the expected edge and flexibility that are hallmarks of the L.A. Sax brand, but their sound is now crisper, cleaner, and more projecting than ever, with exceptionally easy control over a wide dynamic range. Whether playing the straight tone holes of the series 1 and SP or the rolled tone holes of the X series, players will notice a velvety smooth feel and little pad noise. Improved key design and placement enhance both response and player comfort.

In terms of aesthetics, the tiger stripes and bold colors of yesteryear have been replaced with elegant finishes of silver, vintage matte, black nickel, and unpolished brass, each beautifully hand-engraved and delivering distinct tonal properties.

The company continues to innovate by introducing new and exciting design changes such as cupronickel bodies, larger bell throats, and the new Reactor Panel Pad. The first L.A. Sax baritone and sopranino models are in development.